About us

Octahedroid is more than just a web development agency: we are a diverse “mosaic” of thinkers, creators and innovators in a relentless pursuit to challenge the conventional.

Our Approach

Our team, a rich blend of strategists, developers, and designers, is united by a common goal: to deliver performant, secure, and modern websites and apps that drive businesses forward.

Our (Origin) Story

Octahedroid began as a vision shared by three friends and long-time peers, united by a common passion for technology and a simple yet powerful belief: there is always a better way. 

Collaborative Spirit Driving Digital Innovation


From the early days of contributing to significant transitions in Drupal to being at the forefront of the JAMstack revolution, our journey has been about pushing boundaries and setting new benchmarks.

However, we are not just about being modern but also about ensuring longevity and relevance in a rapidly changing digital world.

That’s why diversity and talent cultivation are at the heart of our ethos. We believe that our strength lies in the varied perspectives of our team, blending creativity, adaptability, and a spirit of collaboration to drive innovation and create solutions that resonate across borders.

A Band of “Misfits”

Band of Misfits

Octahedroid is more than a company; it's a community of 'misfits'—individuals who see the world not for what it is but for what it could be. Each member brings their unique perspective and expertise to the table.

​​As we grow, our foundational belief in finding 'a better way' continues to guide our path, shaping a web that's inclusive and beneficial for all.

Join Us on the Unconventional Path

Whether you're looking to break new ground, transcend digital boundaries, or simply find a home among fellow visionaries, you, (adorable misfit), belong with us. Join us!

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We are all about collaboration, diversity, and pushing the envelope in tech.


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