A Methodical Migration from WordPress to Drupal with Gatsby JS

Case Study: A Methodical Migration from WordPress to Drupal with Gatsby JS

Migration from WordPress to Drupal with Gatsby


We were approached by a client renowned in the tech industry for their advanced data analytics and AI solutions. Their website, including in-depth blogs, technical documentation, and community forums, had become central to their overall business strategy. 

However, the existing WordPress platform was struggling to keep pace with their rapid growth and diverse content needs. It was a complex site, laden with custom code and plugins, resulting in slow performance and a subpar editorial experience.

The challenge

The client's website was not only a repository of thousands of blogs and articles but also a reflection of their cutting-edge technology. It was crucial that the site's performance and user experience mirrored the sophistication and efficiency of the client's services. 

With over hundreds of blog posts and a significant daily visitor count, the primary challenges were twofold: enhance site performance and streamline the content management process. 

Octahedroid’s expertise was put to the test, not only to migrate to a more robust and scalable platform but also to do so in a way that minimized disruption and maximized efficiency.

That meant

We had to come up with a convenient solution, for an unconventional challenge for one of the leading enterprises in their sector.

How we helped

Migration and Replatforming

In a strategic move, Octahedroid decided against a full-site overhaul in one go. 

Instead, we chose a segmented migration approach, starting with the blog section. This decision allowed for a smoother transition, less downtime, and an opportunity to fine-tune the process as they progressed.

Given the blog's central role in sharing cutting-edge insights on data analytics and AI, it was the natural starting point for migration.

The team started by developing all necessary components for the blog section of the site. Content from WordPress was meticulously migrated to Drupal, using custom scripts to ensure a seamless transition of data.

Octahedroid employed a series of specialized scripts, each finely tuned for different aspects of the blog's intricate architecture and varied content types. This approach allowed for a nimble and iterative migration process, enabling the team to adapt and refine their strategies in real-time.

A reverse proxy setup was implemented to ensure parts of the site could point to the new Drupal pages, while the rest remained on WordPress during the transition. This allowed for a phased migration, wherein certain segments of the site were directed to the new Drupal pages, while others continued to operate on the existing WordPress platform. 

This strategy minimized disruptions and maintained a consistent user experience throughout the migration phase.

Optimization and Performance

Implementing Gatsby JS for static page generation significantly enhanced the site’s performance, a critical factor for a tech leader in data analytics.This approach streamlined content updates and deployment processes.

Gatsby JS played a crucial role in enhancing site performance. By generating static pages, the site’s load time was significantly reduced.

The segmented approach meant that each section of the site could be optimized independently, allowing for detailed attention to performance improvements.

Gatsby JS: A Strategic Choice

For this enterprise-level project in 2021, Gatsby JS was not just a choice but a strategic decision. 

Catering to an enterprise client who prioritizes the use of mature, reliable technologies, Gatsby JS was the standout solution. Renowned for its efficiency in building incredibly fast websites, Gatsby's static page generation was in sync with our goal to enhance site performance and expedite load times.

Its rich ecosystem of plugins and extensive, well-organized documentation underscored its reliability and ease of use, making it an ideal fit for content-heavy CMS-based sites and aligning with the client's needs and the project's objectives.

However, it's important to note that the tech world is constantly evolving. Tools and frameworks that are optimal in one year may be superseded as new technologies emerge. Our experience with Gatsby JS in 2021 exemplifies our adaptability and our commitment to making informed choices that serve our clients' best interests, today and in the future.

Editorial Experience

Drupal's powerful content management capabilities provided the editorial team with more efficient tools, aligning with the client's focus on technology and innovation. The migration to Drupal revolutionized the editorial experience. The intuitive and powerful content management capabilities of Drupal were a significant upgrade from the previous setup.

Custom features like content preview and multilingual support were integrated, catering to the global audience of the client and addressing specific client needs and enhancing the overall content management process.

The success with the blog set the blueprint for the rest of the site. Each section underwent a similar meticulous migration process, ensuring a high standard of quality and consistency across the entire platform.

Components and Reusability

We also developed reusable components that laid a foundation, which not only streamlined the initial build but also simplified future enhancements and redesigns of key pages. This modular architecture ensured that each element of the site, from navigation bars to content blocks, could be easily updated or repurposed, significantly reducing development time and effort for new features or design refreshes.

Furthermore, the integration of Storybook into our development process was crucial. It served as a living library of all site components, offering a clear, interactive documentation that enhances collaboration among developers and designers.

These strategies ensured that the site was not just built for today's needs but also adaptable for tomorrow's innovations.

The Results

  • One

    The performance enhancements were immediately evident.

    Following the migration, the client's website underwent a transformative improvement. Page load times decreased significantly, which was a crucial factor for a site with such heavy traffic and complex content. This improvement was not just in terms of speed but also in the reliability and stability of the website.

  • Two

    A significant change in the editorial workflow.

    In terms of content management, the shift to Drupal brought a significant change in the editorial workflow. The intuitive and versatile nature of Drupal's content management system allowed for easier content updates, better organization, and more efficient management of the vast array of articles and blog posts. This streamlined process significantly reduced the time and effort required by the editorial team to maintain and update the site.

  • Three

    The segmented approach was particularly effective.

    By tackling the migration in phases, starting with the blog and then moving on to other sections, Octahedroid ensured that each part of the site received the attention it needed. This method allowed for detailed quality control and minimized the risk of errors or downtime, which could have impacted the client's operations.


The success of the project was not just in the migration itself but in the way it was executed. By choosing a segmented approach, we demonstrated strategic foresight, ensuring that each part of the site was optimized without overwhelming the client’s team or disrupting the site’s functionality.

Moreover, the decision to use Gatsby JS and Drupal was made with a deep understanding of the client's requirements and the technological landscape of the time. This choice exemplified Octahedroid's ability to integrate different technologies to create a cohesive and efficient digital ecosystem.

The project's success lies not just in the improved performance and streamlined content management but also in setting a precedent for how complex migration projects can be handled with minimal disruption and maximum efficiency. 

Octahedroid’s innovative and adaptable approach in this project serves as a model for others in the industry, demonstrating how technical challenges can be met with creative, client-focused solutions.

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