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Speed Test

Speed Test

In the website health checkup, good performance is the energetic gym enthusiast, while bad performance is the couch potato. The speed of a website directly impacts its bounce rates, conversions, revenue, user satisfaction, and position in search engine results. 

Test your website's loading speed and obtain comprehensive insights for optimization to significantly enhance its overall performance.

Understand Your Performance Metrics

The Chrome UX (CrUX) report and Lighthouse offer two distinct approaches to evaluating your website's performance and user experience.

CrUX is a dataset that reflects how real-world Chrome users experience the web and is also the official dataset of the Web Vitals program.

Lighthouse is a free tool for web testing that evaluates your web pages' performance, accessibility, SEO, and compliance with best practices in a controlled setting.

According to Google, the key difference is: “CrUX is a collection of real-user experiences from the field, while Lighthouse is a controlled test in the lab.” However, while it’s more important to follow the data registered on the CrUX report, some sites may lack this information due to Google's criteria for discoverability and popularity. In these cases, Lighthouse evaluations step in to complete the picture.


Understand your Diagnosis Scores

Understand the essentials: Boosting site speed, enabling access for everyone, adhering to web best practices, and maximizing search engine visibility.

Meta Tags Reflect Your Site's Health!

Meta Tags

Your website's presentation is crucial to its health and cleanliness. Why would visitors come if your site isn't welcoming? From social media previews to direct messages, having well-crafted metadata is key. Proper meta tags can boost your site's:

  • Discoverability
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Management Efficiency
  • Compatibility Across Different Platforms
  • User Interaction and Satisfaction
  • Compliance and Security

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