Non-coding Women in Tech at Octahedroid

Octahedroid's tech-savvy women shine in a male-dominated tech landscape, tackling hurdles with resilience. Transitioning from web design to project management and by blending creativity with technology, their journeys exemplify determination and adaptability.

Continuing from our post A More Inclusive Tech Industry: Meet the Women of Octahedroid in this article we’ll learn about the stories of our tech-savvy women within the company.

In a predominantly male-dominated industry, women continue to break barriers and excel in various tech roles. However, the journey can present additional hurdles for non-coding women venturing into the tech world. The lack of familiarity with the technical aspects of technology can make it seem like an uphill battle at times. In this blog post, we highlight the inspiring stories of Andrea Aguilar and Betsy Amparán, two tech-savvy women who have overcome these challenges and thrived in their roles at Octahedroid. Their experiences shed light on the unique obstacles faced by non-technical women in the industry and serve as a testament to their determination, adaptability, and unwavering passion.

Andrea Aguilar's path to becoming a Senior Project Manager was a result of her persistent pursuit of knowledge and her ability to adapt to different roles. Despite studying Design and Advertising Production, Andrea was always interested in technology. While in college, she dabbled in web design and even took a course in the field. Her passion for web design led her to join a marketing agency, where she had her first professional encounter with the discipline.

Using her strong interpersonal skills, Andrea quickly progressed from web design to project management. Seeking to enhance her skills further, she pursued a master's degree in Business Administration with a specialization in human resources. This allowed her to support people in their personal and professional growth. She discovered her growing affinity for project management during her studies and decided to focus on it.

After completing her master's degree, Andrea realized that the tech world was where she truly belonged. As she advanced, she obtained a certification as a project manager and refined her expertise in front-end technologies. While experiencing the challenges of being a woman in a male-dominated industry, she also observed the lack of female representation in leadership positions.

I’ve found an inclusive environment where my opinions are valued, and the issue of representation is taken seriously. In my current role at Octahedroid, I feel empowered to voice my ideas, formulate strategies, and drive improvements.

As a product designer Betsy Amparán, possesses a lifelong passion for creativity and a deep desire to craft meaningful experiences for others. With a degree in Graphic Design, she spent over a decade collaborating with creative and marketing agencies, working on diverse projects encompassing branding, web design, and illustration.

In 2021, seeking to specialize in the digital realm, Betsy embarked on a Master's Degree in Multimedia Design focusing on Web and Mobile Applications. Fascinated by how technology has revolutionized people's lives in just a few decades, she became fully immersed in the tech world, channeling her creativity into the design of products, interfaces, and user experiences.

Betsy thrives on the challenges presented by the ever-evolving nature of the industry. With design principles constantly shifting alongside technological advancements, she acknowledges the need to stay ahead of the latest trends and developments. Maintaining a curious and open mindset is crucial in this competitive field. 

At Octahedroid, I’ve found unwavering support for my professional growth in product design. I can embrace the opportunity to learn from a talented and collaborative team, allowing to develop my skills in a stimulating environment.

Non-coding Women in Tech

Andrea Aguilar and Betsy Amparán exemplify the incredible potential and achievements of non-technical women in the technology landscape. Their journeys demonstrate the importance of perseverance, continuous learning, and supportive work environments in overcoming challenges and reaching new heights. As more women like Andrea and Betsy enter the tech world, we can look forward to a future that embraces diversity, innovation, and equal representation.


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